where we like to be and build, that listens to us and lets us be

AW 22/23

a blank paper to express
Paint, compose and
create the world we want.

A blank paper to express, paint, compose and create the world we want. Where we like to be and build, that listens to us and lets us be. To be tall or short, to be him or her or neither, to be family and friends, to be ourselves without labels, because the world is huge.

This is how Letter to the world is born, a children’s clothing brand that prioritizes both the feeling of practicality and comfort and the child’s ability to choose, as it considers childhood as the heart of creativity.

With a cheerful color chart that plays with the mix of textures of sustainable materials and draws honest garments thinking about their durability, reducing the impact on the world, that world to which we dedicate, consciously, all our letters.

LETTER TO THE WORLD was born in 2021 to create comfy clothing so that kids can feel free and have so much fun. Our main idea is to allow children to be children, to enjoy their childhood and to make everyday life easier for the whole family, with easy to wear clothes with a funny look and high quality. With our experience as producers since 1979 and our design team located in Barcelona, we create collections that inspire love for nature, for what surrounds us and makes us happy. We control the production first hand and know all the people involved to ensure that everything is made in fair human conditions. We are committed to conscious fashion, we put our efforts to find the most environmental-friendly solutions and although we still have a long way to go, the 90% of our collection is made of organic cotton and we are still looking for other forms to include sustainable and re-used materials. We are passionate to be proud of our brand and to ensure a better future for all of us.